“Human Hacking”


Good day WP and Google users,

I had two surgeries in 2003-2004 on my left hand and wrist, I’ve previously had two knee surgeries while playing high school basketball and track. Still have a cyst in left knee couldn’t be removed on both surgeries, and I can still tell when sleet, and/or snow is coming, yet now at age 50 I can tell when rain or a storm is brewing it’s way near me!

With various other upper extremity injuries, I use mainly holistic care I learned from religious text books, and during high school biology, electronics health, science and gym classes as well. In electronics class my proctor, now Retired S. Navy, Real Estate Salesman, and my old boss at Future Telecom named E. Larry Liming checked everyone’s body resistance, and we were told that everyone that takes the electronics classes (1 and 2) must go through this, and our names are written down in a book for future reference, and later will be placed on the high schools IBM PC. We all knew then we were on the right track in life, although most of us had many hurdles to overcome!

Today I wonder about my left wrist, and how my carpal tunnel sometimes acts worse than before the surgeries! My hand cramps while using mobile technology now. Blood pressure previously was borderline high, I lost weight at 6′ 3 and 3/4, was 6′ 4 and 3/4″ before car accidents blew out two discs, L1 and L5, haven’t had surgery since 1996 accident, all the doctors, and surgeons asked me here in North Carolina, USA how I keep up without surgery. Told them “Old School Rules”!

With hospitals having internal WiFi seems to be the cause of alot of healthcare issues, let alone what could be in the water we drink, lowered bandwidth of 200′ for 5G Cellular Networks, mercury in fish, and shellfish, to me is the culprit!

With that said, I hope everyone reads this uses IT for the greater good, even if lawsuits must be filed on healthcare facilities, due to the fact that after 200 patients blood pressure cuffs need to be thrown away, and electronic ones should be calibrated for each patient, and should be done by an FCC Licensee of the top three licenses! No question, this is law globally!

I hope we all have a wonderful day, and good luck in all your endeavors!


Mr. Eng. Proc. Glennell Burnette


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